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Don’t we all love developer conferences. Facebook just opened the (virtual) doors of its annual F8 event on April 18-19. You’ll need to apply before February 21. And if you get selected, tickets cost $595.

Facebook already announced that the company would switch things up a bit with F8 in 2017. When the company shared the dates of the conference, it also said that the conference would happen for the first time in San Jose instead of San Francisco — there just isn’t enough space in San Francisco for F8 anymore.

As usual, you can expect keynotes showcasing some brand new product features. In addition to that, Facebook already shared a preliminary agenda with more than 50 developer sessions. If your company relies on Facebook APIs and tools, this is a good way to keep up with updates.

And of course, developers will be able to talk with Facebook engineers about their work. This way, you can directly get feedback and ask for new features in a specific API or product. If you apply but don’t get a ticket, there will be live streams.

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