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About Us

Launching a startup can happen really quickly. However, It takes some time to get pointed toward a real business. Tisser Technologies – a web Development Company in Kottayam’, didn’t take off immediately. Instead, we did design works for at least a few months to get the company afloat. “Hold onto your dreams, you always start small! the man who coined this aphorism means there is no single recipe for making an empire.

Innovation indicates differentiation. Therefor, if you are offering something unique and have the first-mover benefit in your niche, it would be hard for new market entrants to out-compete you just on the basis of hard work. We came up with an innovative concept of delivering websites with a combination of stunning design with robust technology to double the website traffic in under six months to help you generate business, increase brand recall value, and promote goodwill in front of customers and target audiences. Finally, in 2007, we pushed the launch button!

Change is a constant phenomenon within Tisser Technologies. Tisser continuously becomes more innovative, agile, and more connected globally. Now we are a leading software development company that boasts over 4,000 clients and 6000 projects.

At Tisser Technologies LLP – ‘web development company in kottayam’ primarily concentrated on providing top-notch and reasonably priced IT solutions through a strong virtual presence. Our company’s core value is its dedication to customer satisfaction. We Specialized in Designing services such as Graphic Designing, Website Designing, and Logo Designing. Development services such as Website Development, Software Development, Mobile Application Development. Marketing services such as Online Promotions, Website Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

web design company in Kottayam |about us

Our Mission

Desires to obtain

To deliver high quality IT solutions on time and on budget with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Resultant pleasure

To improve the lives of people with updated technology.

Our Strategy

Except to obtain

Our strategy is Customer satisfaction

Who we work with?

Our bespoke websites serve the needs of our clients. Since 2007, we have built our clients a better market presence in the digital world.

Banking, medical, tourism

Thousands of businesses have trusted Tisser with their website design and development. Why is because we deliver outcomes – more customers and increased sales.

Government sector

Large government organisations have trusted us with intricate and high-level web projects.

NGOs & Charity

We build reliable web applications that create awareness, increase donations and present themselves to a mass audience.


Schools and Colleges all over India have all trusted Tisser to open a new era of education technology with our powerful solutions.

Online & Retailers

We are proficients in WooCommerce and aim for seamless shopping experiences that deliver sales to our clients and a complete online shopping experience to their customers.

What we do?

Tisser has provided web design solutions for huge names like Fedserv as well as dozens of enterprise clients around the world. Tisser was founded on the intention to be great and has already made significant waves with work for enterprise clients and startups alike. When companies needed a powerful way to supercharge their design, they turned to Tisser. Tisser completely revamped the client’s approach to highlight some of their most appealing elements and drive higher in flow.

Recognizable clients have approached Tisser to bring their website needs to the next level. Tisser focuses on helping brands evolve into their best, most user-friendly selves.

When our clients needed a more impactful and effective approach to reaching goals, we provided them with sounder service to become more effective in a crowded digital space.What are you waiting for?

We are a team of web development enthusiasts who will see to it that the website of your dreams sees the light of day, precisely as you had conceptualized it in your mind. Backed by competent solutions are designed to captivate your audience’s attention. Known for always delivering on time, our dedicated and friendly team of web development experts gives you all the assurance you need to scale your projects to infinity and beyond.